ASK SCP + plus

Bridal Attendant


A professional SCP bridal attendant to be by your side from the early hours of getting ready till the very end of the night.

- Assist you in getting ready

- Oversee your day of timeline

- Manage your first look

- Bustle your dress after the ceremony

- Make sure you have food and water throughout the day

- Setup the bridal suite

- Setup the honeymoon suite

- Stay by your side the entire day/night for any assistance

- Collect all your belongings

- Collect all your gifts

Day of Coordinator


We will provide 1 lead specialist and 1 assistant to manage the overall logistics and timeline of your wedding day

- Put together and distribute ROS (run of show)

- Oversee all 3rd party vendors per their contractual agreements (Florists, Caterer, Photographer, Entertainment, Venue etc.) 

- Execute the ceremony

- Manage the dinner and reception timeline

- Oversee the design and lighting scope

- Become the direct contact for all vendors and liaise with the client

Design Concept

10% of Design Budget

Our design team will help you come up with an overall  design scope that fits your wedding style. We will also work with your florist to implement and execute your final design.

- All floral (centerpieces, bridal party floral, ancillary floral, ceremony and cocktail floral)

- Chuppah or ceremony design

- Linens, tables and chairs

- Table top (glassware, dishware, cutlery)

- Signage

- Cocktail space

- After party space

- Lounge seating

- Lighting design for each space

Rehearsal Management


SCP will provide a specialist to run your wedding ceremony rehearsal and the etiquette of the procession. 


We will guide everyone in the wedding party through the ceremony process including

- How to line up

- Which side to stand on

- When to walk 

- Where to stand at the front or under the chuppah

- Where to sit - if applicable

- When and how to exit after the ceremony etc.

Contract Review

$100 per contract

We will review any contract in relation to your wedding, i.e. vendors, suppliers, venues, hotels, etc. and give you professional feedback. We are not permitted to give legal advice, but we can give you tips on how to negotiate and also make sure the contracts are not leaving out vital information or including unnecessary items.